Once I drag the image file to your picturecontent folder, it does not can be found in the mod, and I also have an error message. We tried deleting the picturecontent folder within the main zip file and simply dragging the image file straight into the contenttextures folder – that did not work either. I am wanting to make this mod as simple as possible for folks to install, and so I’d prefer to keep the picture out from the primary zip file, and just have it packed in to the contenttextures folder.

Can there be a unique folder that i will be putting it in? It’s sort of confusing, but i am not sure what’s occurring. I’m guessing that I do not have the folder within the right spot, or it’s being deleted by my computer before I am done including content. I recently got a message from someone which has this exact same problem, plus it appears that perhaps they’ve the folder in the wrong destination. I cannot check it out myself until the next day, because I’m going to a marriage tonight.

My pal has an iPhone, and I have an Android. We attempted it on both and got exactly the same results. The Sims 4 past is considered the most trustworthy of the many internet sites I talked about, and it is where you need to start looking for Sims 4 custom content. The Sims 4 Beyond has plenty of material to supply, and you will find almost any customized content imaginable on the internet site. If you would like make custom content, this is the most readily useful spot to go.

Addititionally there is a Sims 4 Beyond discord host the community. The Sims 4 Beyond is a huge website with lots of content to offer. There is anything from simple custom content to high-end content that would look great in a home. I’ven’t tried to load it yet. I’m wondering if the image will be automatically deleted when I import it. I was just wondering easily should delete the picture folder inside picturecontent before We import the file, or keep it here plus the picture will load without one.

I do not know anything about that game, but i am pretty sure that you can produce a folder within the C drive, right click it then choose “make a shortcut” or something like that that way. Then right click on the shortcut and go into the properties. It ought to be in identical place as your game exe. For the reason that folder you will see a “mods” folder. This is where your ini file ought to be. Now suppose you place the information in the discussion boards, and some one ultimately ends up using it for an exploit.

If so, the game isn’t custom content safe, since the content had been wear the discussion boards. The primary reason this occurs is because it is too simple for anyone to discover that a bug exists, and then figure out how to put it to use for an exploit. Therefore, custom content is normally just put on the state discussion boards whether it’s been tested to ensure there are not any pests in it. It’s also advisable to know about the fact that some custom content is of work generate, https://simsmods.github.io plus some creators are just learning steps to make content and may not need top skill at it yet.

Nereida Gilcris Asked question August 8, 2022
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